New York Acting Intensive

hosted by the Ward Acting Studio, September 6 - October 14, 2016


Smart, Bold, Relevant and Transformative Acting Training

Twenty years ago few acting studios in New York offered six week intensive acting training, and even fewer addressed the career side of the business -- WE DID!

That kind of forward thinking is what has always distinguished the Ward Acting Studio and is what has made our acting intensive one of the most challenging and relevant actor training programs you could choose to be a part of.

The old-fashioned broad brush approach to summer training just doesn't cut it. That's like 8th grade summer theater camp!  If you want to return to your home community visibly, tangibly changed with better acting skills and more competitive audition skills, then you need a program that focuses on doing just that.


Shakespeare? Not here. Movement? We don't offer it. Make a movie? Cool, but we train the ACTORS.

What do we offer?

Ten classes every week that all relate in principle and practical application to each other and address what industry professionals are looking for. Training where what you learn in one class directly applies to the next. No more changing disciplines or theories with every acting class you enter.

We're going to work on one thing for six weeks and that is the power that comes with mastering and applying the Meisner Approach to every interview, every monologue, every scene, every improv, every meeting with an agent, and every audition for a casting director that you will have.

We'll put you through these paces again and again and at the end of six weeks, well, you'll see a radical difference in how you approach your craft and your career.